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An excerpt from the April 12th, 1937 Bessemer Tribune-Advertiser proclaimed: “The predecessor to our present Chamber of Commerce was the Bessemer Board of Trade. Organized in 1888, its function was to promote cooperation among the local merchants, and between local interests and the outside industrial and commercial world which was growing increasingly aware of Bessemer’s potentialities.”

Today the Bessemer Area Chamber of Commerce is an active and vibrant group of over 400 local businesses represented by outstanding volunteers and civic leaders. Bessemer is a city of over 28,000 citizens, with a surrounding area of nearly 100,000 between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, who make up the Chamber's area of influence.

The mission of the Bessemer Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic well-being of regional businesses and represent the business community in economic, political, civic, educational and cultural development of the region.

The Bessemer Area Chamber of Commerce continues to work aggressively for the betterment of the southwestern Jefferson County region. In our 90th year, the Chamber follows an annual Plan of Action that addresses business issues, workforce concerns, community needs, tourism development and other programs that positively affect our region. Our organization regularly receives requests from businesses and individuals outside our area looking for information on local businesses that offer a product or service.

The Chamber encourages its members to shop Bessemer first and to promote the area whenever possible. It encourages partnership between local businesses and professionals dedicated to advancing economic growth throughout the region. Energizing the business community is a goal of the Chamber to achieve continual business growth, improve education and reach legislative agreement. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce offers its members a large array of services, resources and networking opportunities, enhancing the local business community and the economy.

The Chamber believes firmly in the final passage from the 1937 Tribune-Advertiser article which states. “Do you want a finer community? One of the surest ways to bring about improved conditions is to seriously think and talk about them. Think Bessemer, talk Bessemer, boost Bessemer, and in so doing you render a definite service to your community. Cities, states and nations are no bigger, their ideals no higher than the citizens of which they are made up; Cities are what men make them.”

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