Dining in Birmingham

Renowned as the culinary capital of the Southeast, Birmingham boasts more than 500 restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. Birmingham’s cuisine is renowned for its diversity, sophistication, delicacy and, above all, savory taste! Fresh ingredients are abundant due to a rich supply from local farmers. Several restaurants have won national awards of excellence from national food organizations and publications, including Highlands: A Bar and Grill, which was ranked as one of the top five restaurants in America by Gourmet magazine, and the Hot and Hot Fish Club, which was designated a “Great Neighborhood Restaurant in the South” by Bon Appetit. Whether you crave a quick sandwich on the go, a home-cooked meal at a family-style restaurant or a gourmet meal at an elegant establishment, Birmingham has it all. Menus range from classic American dishes to mouthwatering ethnic cuisine.


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