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Brewton and East Brewton have outstanding educational facilities with longstanding reputations. From preschool to college level, there are opportunities for everyone to broaden their horizons and take advantage of what our institutions have to offer.

St. Stephen’s Preschool has an excellent morning program for three-and four-year-old pre-kindergarten children. With a waiting list that forms years in advance, this coveted facility is first-rate. The YMCA maintains a full-day preschool program, as well as after-school programs for students from age two through sixth grade. With a waiting list of their own, this invaluable facility is vital to the Brewton community.Brewton Elementary School, Brewton Middle School and T.R. Miller High School in Brewton are exceptional teaching facilities, educating young people in the community. Offering top-of-the-line programs preparing students for the future, these schools receive top honors when recognized by the state.

In neighboring East Brewton, W.S. Neal Elementary School, W.S. Neal Middle School and W.S. Neal High School also provide exceptional academic curricula to their students. The county school system and administration have developed a successful educational plan, and as a result, student enrollment increases every year and skilled and knowledgeable instructors are recruited into the system.

Middle School

Students, as well as residents, are able to utilize Brewton’s excellent public library, which takes pride in providing quality literature and computer resources. Another institution, Brewton Career Tech, is one of Escambia County’s most valuable resources. This educational facility provides local high school students with career path options and electives outside of the traditional curricula. The schools curriculum includes business education, health science, masonry, welding, automotive, building construction and child care, and is available to high school students at T.R. Miller, W.S. Neal and Flomaton High Schools.

Together, Brewton City Schools and Escambia County Schools are responsible for the education of children in the Brewton area, and they offering many strong opportunities for learning and growth. With highly dedicated educators and instructors, these relatively small schools are able to offer challenging academics and more chances for students to participate in a variety of athletic and extracurricular activities than they might receive at a larger school.

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