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Worship and Organizations


Brewton is home to several denominations and has many historic churches that are an important part of city life. There are nearly 60 churches in the city and surrounding area, including Protestant, Catholic and Pentecostal places to worship. Driving down Belleville Avenue, residents may attend churches in or close to downtown. Many other churches are located in quaint neighborhoods and have that good, old-town feel. Maintained by their parishes, these old buildings are magnificent in architecture and lively places to worship.


Many community activities are organized by the churches in Brewton and East Brewton, bringing together people and visitors from all walks of life. These churches also have multiple youth and children’s programs, which offer another form of recreation for the city’s young people. Some churches have a mid-week service with an informal dinner, which provides an opportunity for members to gather and worship, and many churchgoers are involved in volunteer efforts in our community.

Civic organizations in Brewton help support the community through fundraisers, volunteer programs and activities. The Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Civic League, Sportsman Club, Brewton Council of the Arts, the United Fund, Relay for Life and Escambia County Habitat for Humanity are just a few organizations that are dynamic and extremely involved in Brewton affairs and strive to make a difference in the lives of our residents.

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