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Ozark’s government consists of a mayor and five council members who work together to represent the will of its residents. Dale County is governed by a commission chairman and four commission members.

The Ozark Police Department is made up of 45 sworn law enforcement officers, which is inclusive of patrol officers, investigators, narcotics officers, clerical and administrative staff, correction officers, school crossing guards and animal control. With an emphasis on community education and participation, the Ozark area maintains a safe environment.

Dale County currently encompasses 561 miles, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Dale County Sheriff’s Department. The department consists of deputies, auxiliary deputies, jail and office personnel and an aviation unit.

The aviation unit assists in search and rescue operations and anti-drug operations and is available to neighboring law enforcement agencies. The unit is capable of locating missing people and aiding in emergency situations. The aircraft is also equipped to locate Alzheimer’s patients or “wanderers” as part of Project Lifesaver.

The city of Ozark currently staffs 49 professional firefighters and paramedics. These personnel staff four companies and three stations located throughout the city 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three of these four companies are Paramedic Engine companies and provide a rapid response for both fire and medical calls throughout the city. The fourth company is a Ladder Company strategically located to provide rapid response to fire calls and motor vehicle collisions. This placement of resources provides constant service for the residents, businesses and visitors at all times.

There are 13 volunteer fire departments in Dale County. A station made up of volunteers is located in each of the communities. These organizations come together to assist one another when needed. They are funded through local efforts of the communities.

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