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The Ozark Area of Dale County, located in the corner of southeast Alabama, enjoys the best of both a small-town atmosphere and a close proximity to larger cities and other attractions. More people are discovering Ozark. It is a great place to raise a family and a perfect place to retire.

Ozark is a community that comes together for the common good with a solid foundation of conservative values and a strong work ethic. We have a vision of positive economic growth that blends with the already exciting industrial growth we’re experiencing, and the residential growth that complements both areas. We pride ourselves on “community unity.”

As you experience our fair city, one thing you will notice is the friendly, caring people who will welcome you. They are hard-working people who will go the extra mile to get the job done right. They are people who treasure history, but also welcome the challenges that the coming years will bring. Ozark is a community that realizes that its future lies in the hands of today’s youth. Our focus on education is across the board, from kindergarten through college. Excellence in education is a priority in our community.

We invite you, residents and visitors alike, to experience our community firsthand. Shop in our stores and see the variety and quality our merchants offer. Participate in the many enjoyable events the community provides to attract visitors to our town and instill pride in our residents. See the many sights in town and in the surrounding area. Take advantage of the many recreational facilities and enjoy our own 92-acre Ed Lisenby Lake, right in the city limits of Ozark. Explore the Dowling Museum/Ann Rudd Art Center in downtown Ozark. Many treasures await you in our corner of the world. For more information on adventures, contact the Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce, 294 Painter Avenue, (334) 774-9321.

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