graphicgraphicPeople in Buckeye love to get outdoors and play. Natural recreational opportunities abound in Buckeye and throughout the area. Bikers, hikers and nature lovers all enjoy the wide-open spaces, and many paths that travel through White Tanks Park and Buckeye Hills. Bird watchers will find Robbins Butte to their liking. And of course, Arizona is known for some of the best golf in the world, and Buckeye will soon be getting its own. For those who like horseback riding, there’s Eagle Mountain Stables, located in Rainbow Valley just south of Buckeye.

graphicIn El Dorado, located in Tonopah, Arizona, just west and minutes from Buckeye, you can enjoy a large subterranean hot springs of pure odorless, tasteless mineral water naturally heated by Mother Earth. Some say it’s like bathing in liquid silk, making one’s hair and skin feel like velvet.

Buckeye will be hosting the 2001 AYSO Soccer playoff tournament to be held the last weekend of March and the first of April. We are expecting more than 5,000 people to attend this event.

Our new Olympic-size swimming pool is enjoyed by the community as well as the various swim teams that come from all over the valley to compete.


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