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Welcome from the Mayor

On February 24, 1863, President Lincoln signed a bill officially creating the United States Territory of Arizona. John Clark, a surveyor, and Captain Pishon, for the military, were sent to inspect the gold regions of central Arizona and “have an eye to the best location for a post.” Clark and Pishon reported that a military post would be well situated on Cienega Creek at Del Rio Springs, where the area “abounds in deer, antelope, turkey, good water, hayfields and nearby woods for fire and timber.” This report was about the area we know as Chino Valley.

Welcome from the Mayor

Although that was 150 years ago, Chino Valley still enjoys plentiful wildlife, the purest water, clean air with blue skies and a warm, rural lifestyle. Picturesque mountains surround our town, with nearby lakes, national forest lands and miles of hiking and equestrian trails. With an area of 63 square miles and a population of nearly 11,000, you will find the residents of Chino Valley are still as warm and friendly as they were generations ago when we were a small farming and ranching community.

Come to stay – come to visit. We hope you enjoy our beautiful town.

Chris Marley
Mayor of Chino Valley

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