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Dankworth Village
Dankworth Village, an outdoor classroom is located near Dankworth Pond. This village features a field exhibit of replicated archaeological sites, dwellings and activity areas depicting life of the Southwest’s early inhabitants (from 9000 BC to the 1600s). An Activity Guide for use at the site is available at the BLM office.

Eastern Arizona College’s Discovery Park Campus
EAC’s Discovery Park Campus is a multi-purpose educational facility placing emphasis on the science and culture of the Gila Valley. This center offers an assortment of activities and hands-on exhibits simultaneously promoting fun and education. The majority of Discovery Park’s attractions can be found at the Gov. Aker Observatory, which is lined with a series of galleries. Additional features include Nature’s Hideaway, equipped with a number of trails for hiking, jogging and more, and the Circle D Ranch, a perfect place for a variety of gatherings and events. Discovery Park is the gateway to the Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO), which includes the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT). Contact them for your reservation.Eastern Arizona Museum & Historical Society

Situated in Pima, the Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society is continuing to expand its facility, which houses a wide range of displays, photographs and archives portraying life from the pioneer days to the present. In development on the grounds of the museum is an automotive and agricultural museum.

Fort Grant Historical Museum
Located in the lobby of the administration building at Fort Grant, the museum is teeming with items and collections spanning from its past as a military installment to its role today as a state prison.

San Carlos Apache Cultural Center
Standing as the first of its kind on the San Carlos Reservation, the San Carlos Apache Cultural Center is dedicated to telling the story of the Apaches from the tribe’s point of view. Learn about the Apaches’ cultural history through informational displays of the tribe’s past and present, and browse through the beautiful works of art from Apache artists and craftspeople.

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