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Graham County enjoys a diversified and vibrant economic vitality led by such major industries as agriculture, mining, public administration, tourism, transportation, warehousing and retail trade. The area encompasses companies of all kinds, both large and small. These businesses have found the great benefits to establishment in Graham County, including easy access to transportation options, available sites and opportunities for relocation and expansion and further outstanding incentives.

Thanks to fine educational institutions, business-oriented organizations and county services, Graham County is afforded a well-educated, highly skilled workforce dedicated to the success of the area’s economy.

First-rate local public schools, the Gila Institute for Technology, Eastern Arizona College and the Northern Arizona University distance learning campus all play a significant role in the development of the area’s labor base.

The area is fortunate to have a supportive Chamber of Commerce, an organization with a mission to “promote prosperity for all of Graham County by enhancing the business environment and the quality of life of all its residents.” Becoming a member of the Graham County Chamber of Commerce is a great investment for any business. This progressive organization stands as a significant resource for area businesses, providing advantageous services directed at building a strong local economy, promoting community and strengthening legislative advocacy.

Additionally, Graham County and the State of Arizona offer a number of excellent workforce development services, designed for those seeking employment, as well as those employers in search of qualified workers. These services include:

Graham County One Stop Resource Center
The One Stop Resource Center is home to a multitude of employment and training agencies and a variety of services for those trying to obtain employment and/or career guidance, as well as services for employers.

Job Service
The state’s public employment agency, Job Service, offers assistance to prospective employees and employers at zero cost. (928) 432-6932

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Seniors age 55 and older are aided in finding employment, increasing income and gaining new skills through the Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program.

Unemployment Insurance
Those who are unemployed can benefit from Unemployment Insurance after a claim has been initiated.

Veterans Employment & Training Services
Veterans can take advantage of a variety of services, such as transition services, a VA Work Study Program and referrals, among others. (928) 428-3403

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
Those with physical, mental and/or emotional impairments utilize the VR Programs in order to prepare for or maintain employment in the area.

Workforce Investment Act Services
Replacing the Job Training Partnership Act, the Workforce Investment Act is the latest installation in federally funded employment and training programs. This program, which provides job training formats and on-the-job training, is for adults, youth and dislocated workers. (928) 428-7386

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