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Location and Transportation

Location and Transportation

Graham County is nestled in scenic southeastern Arizona, within only a few hours to the state’s major metropolises of Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson. The county’s three incorporated cities are clumped together in its north-central portion. Composed of mostly high desert plains and surrounded by beautiful mountains, Graham County was actually almost twice its current landmass of 4,630 square miles before the formation of Greenlee County. Twenty-two square miles of the county are comprised of water, with the San Carlos Indian Reservation covering around 1/3 of the area.

Several highway systems weave in and around the county, offering easy accessibility to further local, regional and national cities. Commuters utilize U.S. Highways 70 and 191, as well as State Highways 266 and 366.

Air charter

Air charter and flight training is found through the Safford Regional Airport, located at 4500 E. Aviation Way. Initially, the airport was established as a U.S. Army Air Force training facility in 1941—and today is utilized as a full-service general aviation facility featuring two paved runways and a heliport, along with numerous amenities such as tie downs and 24/7 fuel service.

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