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Marana is an innovative, forward-thinking community that appreciates its unique place in Southwest history.

The region has been inhabited and visited for thousands of years, including the Hohokam Indians and European settlers who passed through the area in the 17th century on their way to California.

The Southern Pacific Railroad helped put Marana on the map in the late 1800s. The Marana Airfield was the largest pilot training center in the world during World War II.

Marana was incorporated in 1977 by members of several families who still call the town home. While agriculture remains an important part of the community’s identity, Marana’s commercial sector has grown in the past decade. Businesses of all sizes, from small specialty stores to large retail outlets, have set up shop here.

Approximately 34,500 people live in Marana, many of whom moved to town during a housing boom that began 10 years ago. The result was the expansion of neighborhoods into the north side of town – an area that retains its western heritage with farmlands and ranches dotting the landscape.

One of the many ways the town brings its citizens together is through a series of community events, ranging from concerts in the park that draw a few hundred spectators to a July 4th celebration that is attended by more than 10,000.

Marana’s proximity to the larger metropolitan areas of Tucson and Phoenix makes it the perfect place to live and work. Marana combines the atmosphere of a smaller community with the amenities offered by two of Arizona’s largest cities.

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