Oro Valley is perhaps the most well-planned town in Arizona. Everything that is built in Oro Valley is meticulously reviewed so that it blends with the landscape, preserves neighborhood character, fits well into the town’s traffic flow master plan and, most importantly, preserves those fabulous views. Quality of life is high in Oro Valley due to the quality of the town’s schools, police force, golf courses, parks and recreation facilities and the town’s neighborhoods.

Oro Valley is one of the safest places to live in America – with a crime rate that is almost negligible. The town’s police force has grown with the community, and has been recognized as one of the finest medium-sized police departments in the state.

There are three private and four public golf courses in Oro Valley, each with its own unique charm and style. The town is in the midst of building a comprehensive walking and biking trail system. Located next to the 5,500 acre Catalina State Park, the town has two large town parks, and is planning construction for two more, including a community center that is expected to include a performing arts auditorium.


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