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Business in Snowflake/Taylor

Opportunities for businesses, both large and small, to locate or expand in the Snowflake/Taylor region are unlimited. A large quantity of quality, affordable land resides in the area for everything from light industry to commercial retail space. This, along with the support of the community and local and state organizations, has aided in the significant growth of the Snowflake/Taylor region, making it a strong influence in the economy of the northeastern section of the state.

Business in Snowflake/Taylor

The area houses Arizona’s only pulp and paper mill, with other strong industries including agriculture, manufacturing, ranching and more. The region’s top employers include Abitibi-Consolidated, a major producer of wood products as well as an international frontrunner in newsprint and commercial printing papers; Suntastic USA, a hydroponic tomato-growing greenhouse on 20 acres of land in Snowflake; Farmer John; and Eurofresh, Inc.

Snowflake/Taylor stands as one of the fastest-growing areas of the state and offers businesses a caliber site to establish themselves. Snowflake boasts an industrial park encompassing more than 400 acres of land zoned at I-1 Industrial. The Snowflake Industrial Park hails as the home to Eurofresh, Inc. The site is located 25 miles from Interstate 40 and around 28 miles from the Apache Railway spur. Access to Routes 277 and 77 are also available from the industrial park.

Taylor encompasses the Taylor Airpark, 17 acres of land with a zoning of C-2 Heavy Commercial. The Airpark is adjacent to the Taylor Municipal Airport, providing for commercial and industrial business uses. The area is also approximately 28 miles from Interstate 40. The Taylor Business Park is under construction and will have all of the significant utilities needed for an ideal business location. The 160-acre site will be equipped with newly-paved roads linking the Airport to Pinedale Road, which will then connect to Highway 77.

Snowflake Industrial Park

Snowflake has been appointed as an Enterprise Zone by the state of Arizona, allowing for businesses to gain a number of benefits for locating to the area.

Additionally, a host of lodging, restaurants, national retailers, professional services and more play an important role in the economy of the region. Projected retail sales in Snowflake average at $43,941,900 annually, while Taylor averages at $28,239,250.

Both Snowflake and Taylor offer businesses a strong, reliable workforce. With a population of approximately 5,500, Snowflake has a labor force of 1,745 – a 4.3 percent unemployment rate. Taylor is made up of 4,100 residents, of which 1,327 make up the total work force – a 3.7 percent unemployment rate. Both of these communities take pride in an unemployment rate below the national average.

Several resources for businesses in the area include the Snowflake/Taylor Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber encompasses more than 300 businesses and promotes a strong economic dynamism, aiding in the high quality of life for residents of the region. The organization safeguards the interests of local businesses and encourages the development of both new and established businesses.

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