graphic• Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 883-2702. Set on 12-acres of wild desert, the museum displays over 300 animal species and 1,300 types of plants native to the Sonoran Desert.

• Columbia University’s Biosphere 2, 896-6200. A glass-enclosed, airtight environment 35 miles north of Tucson. The three-acre facility housed 8 researchers who attempted to live for two years. Today it’s a popular tourist destination with guided tours.

• Kitt Peak National Observatory, 318-8200. The research observatory sits atop a 6,882-foot mountain 56 miles southwest of Tucson, and features five major telescopes, including the world’s largest solar telescope, and offers tours, a visitor’s center and exhibits.

• Old Tucson Studios, 883-0100. This theme park and movie studio was built in 1939 by Columbia Pictures as a replica of Tucson, circa 1860. It has been used for more than 300 film and television productions and today offers wild-west shows, as well as shops and restaurants.

• Pima Air & Space Museum, 574-0462. Located 10 miles southeast of downtown Tucson, this site holds over 200 vintage aircraft, including a full-scale replica of the Wright Brother’s 1903 plane.

• Colossal Cave, 647-7275. The former bank robbers’ hideout is located 22 miles east of Tucson and is one of the world’s largest desert caves. Guided tours walk you through fantastic crystal formations.

• Mission San Xavier del Bac, 294-2624. This 200-year-old church, known as the "White Dove of the Desert," is located on the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation and features brightly colored fresco murals, elaborately carved wood and magnificent altar pieces. graphic

• Tucson Museum of Art, 624-2333. The museum is located in Tucson’s Historic Block and houses a collection of Pre-Columbian, Folk and Western American art, as well as visiting exhibits.

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