graphicThe greater Tucson metro area contains 11 school districts, with 15 in Pima County as a whole. The state’s oldest school district, and the second largest in Arizona, is the Tucson Unified School District, handling some 70,000 of Tucson’s 110,000 students. All districts have special education programs and many have programs to serve gifted students in the arts and even high-technology education. The area also has 21 private and parochial schools, including Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, Hebrew, and Seventh-Day Adventist, as well as a variety of vocational schools. The city also has over 13 charter schools, 11 trade/vocational schools, and 10 business/secretarial schools.

Besides housing one of the nation’s top 20 research universities (University of Arizona, founded in 1885), Tucson has a top collection of smaller, specialty colleges ranging in specialties from business and technology, to medical, nursing, art, and environmental science.


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