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Safety and peace of mind are important to the well-being of any community, and Benton, Arkansas, is no different. This quiet city’s governmental leaders and fire and police departments are committed to protecting the residents of Benton and providing educational and preventive programs to enhance safety in the city’s neighborhoods.

Operating under the mayor-council form of government, the mayor and 10-member city council work cooperatively to make decisions for the good of the community, its residents and its business owners.

Honorable Mayor David Mattingly is pleased with the community support that has been given the city in recent projects. He looks forward to the completion of the new Riverside Park “which will be the core of our future amenities.”

The mission of the Benton Police Department is to provide our community with a professional, progressive, community-oriented police department. Officers exhibit pride in serving the community in a professional manner by showing concern for the needs, rights and security of Benton’s citizens while instilling a feeling of confidence and peace of mind. The department offers programs and educational opportunities for both youths and adults to encourage safe living practices.

“The preservation of life and property through the prevention or abatement of all hazards to life safety from fires or similar emergencies” is the mission of the Benton Fire Department. The fire fighters accomplish the mission by fire prevention/education, code enforcement, fire suppression, pre-hospital emergency medical care, rescue, hazardous materials incident response and ongoing professional development.

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