Harrison is fortunate to be home to an outstanding public school system. Harrison School District currently serves nearly 3,000 students throughout the city on seven campuses. The award-winning District maintains four elementary schools, one middle school, one junior high school and one high school, plus the Harrison Alternative School (K-12) for those requiring an alternative environment while learning. The middle school is the newest addition to the District’s facilities, having opened its doors in 2005.

The use of technology in the schools has increased over the years, and today, the District operates approximately 825 computer systems—making the computer-to-student ratio 1:3. All of the classrooms and labs within the District’s facilities are connected to the Internet, plus each of its media centers encompasses “mini-lab” capabilities.

Harrison School District
110 South Cherry Street
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-7600

Woodland Heights Elementary School
520 East Womack
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-0581

Skyline Heights Elementary School
1120 West Holt
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-5821

Forest Heights Elementary School
1124 South Tamarind
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-5873

Eagle Heights Elementary School
500 North Chestnut
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-5043

Harrison Middle School
1125 Goblin Drive
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-0590

Harrison Junior High School
515 South Pine Street
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-3496

Harrison High School
925 Goblin Drive
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-8223

Harrison Alternative School
110 South Cherry Street
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-3344

Private institutions are also readily available within Harrison, including Montessori Children’s Schoolhouse, Grace Christian School (the largest private Christian school in the north-central Arkansas region), Hillcrest Christian School and Seventh-Day Adventist School—among others located nearby.

Montessori Children’s Schoolhouse of Harrison
415 North 2nd Street
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-1141

Grace Christian School
700 Cottonwood Road
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-8505

Hillcrest Christian School
1307 Maplewood Road
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-0944

Seventh-Day Adventist School
4877 Highway 392 West
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-0169


Harrison, as well as the rest of Boone County, is afforded great higher education opportunities through North Arkansas College, also referred to as Northark. This comprehensive two-year institution hails as one of the state’s top community colleges, offering an array of transfer and technical degree programs, coupled with certificates, certificates of proficiency, adult basic education, distance learning, customized business and industry training, college preparatory courses and non-credit community education programs. In addition, Northark has partnered with several four-year institutions to allow students access to junior and senior level courses without leaving the community. These courses, provided through Arkansas Tech University, John Brown University, the University of Arkansas and Franklin University, are offered both online and on the Harrison campus.

North Arkansas College
1515 Pioneer Drive
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 391-3000

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