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Magnolia is not only a great place to live and play, but it is also a great place to be in business. When it comes to relocation, expanding or starting up a business, a supportive pro-business community and solid workforce are readily available. Magnolia has the resources to get you started and keep you in business, reaching your company’s goals.

Job creation tax credits, industrial revenue bonds, a variety of tax and infrastructure incentives, a reliable environmental permitting process and customized workforce training are provided by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. In cooperation with Entergy’s Teamwork Arkansas and the Magnolia Economic Development Corporation, the proactive and professional expertise will keep you in business in Magnolia.

To find out more about incentives or help in finding the right place to start your business future in Magnolia, contact the Columbia County Alliance for Economic Development at 800-206-0889 or visit us on the web at

Industrial manufacturing constitutes almost half of the economic activity in the Magnolia Micropolitan Statistical Area. Manufacturers as a whole represent 2,765 employees and over $104 million in annual payroll. While the manufacturing sector is large and diverse in Magnolia, there are four areas of concentration: primary and fabricated metal, wood products, chemical, and plastics and rubber products manufacturing.


Magnolia fosters the diversity of metal manufacturing between steel and aluminum extrusions. CMC Steel Arkansas, Sapa, Southern Aluminum and Zark Aluminum represent a combined employment of over 1,400 employees and $100s of millions in annual sales to keep Magnolia working strong.


Deep in the woods of the southern pine forest, Magnolia is well-situated as a leading supplier of wood and forest products. The region is the home of 3.9 million acres of timberland with 290 million tons of harvestable forest. Leading wood products manufacturers include Deltic Timber Corp., Hixson Lumber, Partee Flooring Mill, Peace Flooring Mill, Unit Structures and Weyerhauser. Forest and wood products represent 10 percent of the economic impact on the economy of the Magnolia, Arkansas region.


Albemarle Corporation’s Magnolia manufacturing operations make up one of the world’s largest suppliers of bromine and bromine chemicals. Over 500 employees and three plant sites in the Magnolia area produce more than 30 different chemical ingredients used in the manufacturing of a range of chemicals.


Continuing to diversify the economy of Magnolia is the plastics and rubber products industry. As the world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer, JM Eagle is an innovative plastics leader that combines advanced technology with superior customer service to create the industry’s most sophisticated and diverse products. AMFUEL, as a member of the ZODIAC Group, is the largest designer and fabricator of composite material products for aviation, aerospace, military ground forces and commercial transport industries.

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