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Churches have always been an integral part of the community spirit that thrives in the city of Magnolia. From the first official welcome for newborns, the joyful sanctification of newlyweds, to the sharing of sorrow as we say goodbye to those we love, Magnolia’s churches mark and measure life’s most precious moments.

Magnolia recognizes and embraces the diversity that is spread throughout our community. There are more than 39 houses of worship established in Magnolia, serving a variety of faiths and denominations. Residents and visitors are welcome to experience worship, educational and outreach programs throughout the area. Most congregations offer special programs for children to senior adults, as well as programs for the entire family.

In addition to this, our churches are the center of community activity. They are the hub of volunteer work and actively reach out to people in all walks of life. There are also dozens of groups in the Magnolia area, including civic clubs and community organizations, that are devoted to creating strong ties, providing leadership and helping the less fortunate.

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