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Location and Transportation

Russellville and the Arkansas River Valley area is blessed by being connected to a nationwide transportation network involving all modes of transportation including interstate, federal and state highways; coast to coast rail service and a short-line railroad; the year-around, ice-free Arkansas River; a municipal airport; and a high-speed data transmission network that is second to no other city in the world.


Interstate 40, a main east/west highway corridor that traverses the nation, passes through Russellville. Four Russellville exits provide convenient access to the entire network of local highways. U.S. Highway 64 and State Highways, 7, 124, 247, 331 and 326 make up an area network of highways allowing motorists numerous routes to destinations such as Hot Springs National Park, the beautiful Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, and the entertainment capital of Branson, Missouri.

Travelers love to drive Scenic State Highway 7, the first “scenic” designated state highway in Arkansas. From Russellville, Scenic 7 takes drivers on a beautiful trip through the Ouachita Mountains to the south and through the Ozark Mountains and the Buffalo National River to the north.

Several industries take advantage of the area rail network to ship products worldwide. The Union-Pacific Railroad’s east/west main line passes through Russellville and the River Valley. This rail line provides rail service to ports in all areas of the United States.

Russellville also has the added advantage of a short-line railroad. The Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad (D&R RR) is a five-mile long short-line railroad that connects directly to the Union-Pacific railroad in Russellville. The D&R RR was originally constructed in 1883 to provide a way to deliver goods from the Arkansas River to what is now Russellville and the Union-Pacific Railroad. Today, the D&R RR serves numerous industries and the Port of Dardanelle on the Arkansas River.

The Port of Dardanelle, located on the Arkansas River between Russellville and Dardanelle and served by State Highway 7 and the D&R RR, offers transfer and storage (both general warehousing and grain storage) and provides automatic loading and unloading capabilities. The Port is served by several barge lines carrying commodities such as bauxite, grain, chemicals, fertilizer, steel, rubber, wood and paper products, and stone.

The Russellville Municipal Airport boasts a 5,100-foot runway that is 75 feet wide. Non-directional beacon and GPS approaches allow aircraft operation in inclement weather with cloud ceilings as low as 275 feet.

The airport can accommodate up to the largest general aviation business aircraft. A maintenance facility, aviation gasoline and jet-A fuels, a reception area and conference room are available. The airport is staffed during most daylight hours (7 to 7 in the summer). After-hours service is available with prior arrangement.

Russellville is located midway between two large airports with full instrument landing systems (ILS) and airline service. Both have interstate highway connections. Little Rock National Airport is about 80 miles to the southeast, and the Fort Smith airport is 80 miles to the west.

CenturyTel, the local telecommunications provider, provides advanced communication technology in the River Valley. Resident customers can get high-speed Internet at speeds up too 6MB, unlimited nationwide long distance and DISH TV service, all in one bill. Business customers have access to advanced business products including high-speed Internet switching, ATM, frame relay and DS3 Fiber based services.

Suddenlink Communications offers a full suite of Internet and advanced data services. For Internet connectivity, Suddenlink can offer options with download speeds of 768 kbps to 10 mbps. For high capacity connectivity needs, the company offers bandwidths up to OC-48, ethernet connections and a variety of LAN/WAN services.

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