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Atkins School District Atkins School District is located approximately 12 miles east of Russellville just off Interstate 40. The district schools are all positioned on a 40-acre site about five blocks from I-40. The district offers a rural atmosphere where students are known by the staff. Atkins schools provide a fundamental yet challenging and expanded curriculum through a variety of delivery methods including the use of the most recent technology available. Our goal is to produce graduates that have a solid educational foundation along with a good realization of self-worth and direction that will lead them to become productive citizens in the community and society.

There are three schools that make up Atkins School District. The elementary school includes kindergarten through grade 4. It also houses two Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) classrooms for four-year-olds in the area. The enrollment is usually around 350 students at the elementary level. The middle school is made up of grades 5 through 8. The typical enrollment in that school is around 320 students. Atkins High School is made up of about 325 students in grades 9 through 12.


All three schools are fully accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education with no violations, and Atkins students usually score above state average and often near the top on state assessments. High school seniors earn hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of academic scholarships annually.

Many extracurricular opportunities are provided in addition to excellent academic programs. A variety of athletic teams provide students the opportunity to participate in the Red Devil sports program, which is highly respected in the region. The music department develops student skills to the degree that it is common for several band or choir students to receive scholarships annually.

School Locations:
Central Office: 307 N. Church Street — 479-641-7871
Elementary School: 302 NW 5th Street — 479-641-7085
Middle School: 302 Avenue Two NW — 479-641-1008
High School: 403 Avenue Three NW — 479-641-7872


Russellville School District Opportunities - Russellville School District is all about opportunities afforded to its students through a curriculum that makes it possible for young people to follow their interests and ambitions. There is the opportunity to excel in one of the most challenging, wide-ranging curriculums in the state. There is the opportunity to pursue one’s interests in an environment that encourages students to follow their dreams, whether it is forensics or football, creative writing or choir, technology or teaching. There is the opportunity to be part of a school environment that prepares students to be competitive on the global stage. Perhaps the most important opportunity available to Russellville School District students is the chance to attend a school where the students come first and creating quality learning experiences is the guiding force.

Russellville school district has an enrollment of around 5,000 students. With a faculty of approximately 450 teachers, the district is able to offer a full curriculum that offers a variety of learning experiences. The district is known statewide for its commitment to excellence in education, both in terms of student learning experiences and ongoing staff development for the faculty. Test scores are continually above state and national averages. Advanced placement courses are numerous and varied, and students are able to enter Pre-Advanced Placement programs in the sixth grade. The average ACT score in 2005-06 was 22.1, scoring above the state average of 20.6 as well as the national average of 21.1.

Six elementary schools provide a caring, nurturing environment that features a well-trained faculty and support staff specializing in the needs of children at this age. Russellville Upper Elementary 5th Grade, Russellville Middle School (Grades 6-7) and Russellville Junior High (Grades 8-9) provide students with the proper academics and age-appropriate developmental activities designed to assist students as they grow and develop academically, socially and emotionally. Russellville High School (Grades 9-12) is a comprehensive high school whose goal is to meet the needs of all of its students.

This excellent academic program is supported by an equally varied co- and extracurricular program. The Russellville instrumental music program is one of the most recognized and honored in the state. Numbering almost 200 strong, the Marching Cyclones participated in the 1977 and 1997 Presidential Inaugural Parades. Vocal music is also an excellent option for students, with over 295 students participating in grades 7-12. Numerous former RHS band and choir students began their college careers with full music scholarships. Students are offered many options when it comes to athletics. Golf, tennis, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling and weight lifting are available in addition to the traditional football, basketball, track and field, baseball and softball.

The Russellville Area Career and Technical Center offers students in-depth training in various vocational, technical and technology-based courses. This center has 11 different areas.

At Russellville School District we understand the need to prepare our students for the world in which they will live. We believe this means providing an environment that is challenging, interesting and wholesome. We are serious about creating those experiences that give our students an advantage in their world.

For more information about the Russellville School District: 220 West 10th Street, P. O. Box 928, Russellville, AR 72811 479-968-1306,

School Information:
Center Valley Elementary: 5401 SR 124 — 968-4540
Crawford Elementary: 1116 North Parker Road — 968-4677
Dwight Elementary: 1300 West 2nd Place — 968-3967
London Elementary: 154 School Street — 293-424
Oakland Heights Elementary: 1501 South Detroit — 968-2084
Sequoyah Elementary: 1601 West 12th St. — 968-2134
Upper Elementary 1-5th Grade: 1201 West 4th Place — 968-2650
Russellville Middle School: 1203 West 4th Place — 968-2557
Russellville Junior High: 2000 West Parkway — 968-1599
Russellville High School: 2203 South Knoxville — 968-3151
Area Vo-Tech Center: 2201 South Knoxville — 968-5422
Adult Education Center: 1000 South Arkansas — 968-5244
Secondary Learning Center: 1000 South Arkansas — 968-1972

Pottsville School District Nestled in the River Valley, Pottsville School District may seem to a first-time visitor as a small, rural community with little to offer except its close proximity to the city of Russellville. On closer inspection, however, one soon discovers a wealth of opportunity available to the fortunate students who have the privilege of calling themselves Pottsville Apaches. It becomes quickly apparent to the astute observer that this district lives up to its motto, “Large enough to Challenge, Small enough to Care.”

In the past 10 years, Pottsville Schools has grown from just under 1,000 students to approximately 1,600 students in grades K-12.

While the district is committed to providing quality accommodations for their students, its administration and faculty are even more dedicated to providing a superior education for each student who walks through the doors of their building. Beginning in elementary school, teachers work to build a strong foundation for each student that will carry them well into their post-secondary education. The faculty at Pottsville Elementary has developed an Assessment Wall they utilized as a tool to identify “at-risk” students and then create individualized ways to help these students move from below basic students to proficient and even advanced students.

As students enter Pottsville Middle Grades, they continue their educational journey under the leadership of more dedicated faculty members who rise to the challenge of inspiring their students to excel in all they do. With the hard work and support of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), new projection systems were added to each classroom as well as InterWrite SchoolPads and document cameras. These tools assist the teachers in creating meaningful as well as fun learning opportunities for all students.

The faculty and staff at Pottsville Junior High are an exceptional group of educators who not only continue to build upon a foundation that began in elementary, but they also aid these students as they transition into the awkward world of adolescence. These students also begin to increase the rigor of their education as they are offered the opportunity to begin Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) classes in many subjects such as English, history, science, math and art. The junior high is also equipped with up-to-date technology to further facilitate their learning. The students at Pottsville Junior High excel not only in the classroom, but in interscholastic competitions as well. This year’s quiz bowl team placed 2nd in the state, and three students were state winners at the Young Arkansas Artist competition held in Little Rock last February.

At Pottsville High School, faculty and staff are committed to developing a rigorous academic environment that will enable graduates to experience success as they leave for the challenges of college or the work force. Students are able to take Advanced Placement classes as well as distance learning classes for concurrent credit in college. Pottsville students are frequently found at the top of statewide competitions in clubs such as Beta and FBLA as well as programs such as EAST.

For more information about the Pottsville School District, please contact the Superintendent’s office at 479- 968-8101.

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