Michael P. Hryn, CEO of Hryn Development, firmly believes that owning a home is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Following a forty-year family tradition of quality home building to give every customer the greatest value for their investment, three generations of the Hryn family have been helping families throughout the south suburbs realize their American Dream of home ownership.

Hryn Development is a family-owned business - and that means the family name goes on each home it builds. The company's roots are in the concrete construction business founded by Michael Bruno Hryn (Mike's father) in 1956 - and his son Mike, his grandson Mac and the rest of the staff zealously guard the reputation his family business has built over the years.

"A little piece of us goes into every home we build," says Mike. "We build each home as if our family is moving into it. We have a long history in the home building indus try, and a solid reputation - but we're only as good as our last home. And we believe we have to do it better than the competition."

While Hryn Development makes a firm commitment of quality and value to its customers, Mike and Mac recog nize that home buyers, too, make the same level of commit ment in terms of time and money. As such, customer ser vice and quality craftsmanship are integral, top-priority items throughout the entire home building process. "Every customer has to be satisfied," Mike emphasizes.

Mike's son Mac Hryn, who represents the third generation of Hyrn family home builders, notes that the level of quality Hyrn Development aims for is only achievable with the entire building team working together from the office staff to subcontractors in the field to Mike Hryn himself.

"When you have people who have worked with you for so many years, you know how to work together," notes Mac. "Each one brings a certain expertise to the company, and has their own area of responsibility, but we're all working toward the same goal."

Hryn Development has retained a corps of subcontractors with whom the builder has worked for a decade or more. Mac points out that such long-term relationships ensure quality-built homes through sheer consistency, and the ability to control the quality and type of work on every home built. "It's more than strong business relationships," he says. "We all have long-term commitments to one another; we're all on the same page."

Mike Hryn now primarily focuses on the development side of the business, while Mac heads up home construction. Hryn Development's staff also includes Offfice Manager Sue Blackstock; Construction Superintendent Rick Barba, who oversees all field work and service; Betty Fritz, who handles closings; and Ellene Aklinski in sales. All have been with the company for several years; Sue, in fact, has been on board for more than two decades.

While the traditions of excellence that built Hryn Development are still adhered to, the builder acknowledges that the home buying market is an ever-changing one. Mike and Mac have responded to evolving consumer demands to meet the needs of today's - and tomorrow's home buyer.

The ten basic plans Hryn Development offers its customers range from split and quad-level designs to ranches and 2-story layouts. The number may be misleading, though, because with their long experience in the home building industry, Hryn's architects can customize any plan to meet each particular buyers' needs. Their flexibility and expertise offer customers an almost infinite choice of home designs.

What's more, Hryn Development's plans provide many unique features not found in other similarly priced homes. One is the master suite, which is truly a master suite - the bedroom and bath, instead of being two separate "cubes" as Mac puts it, flow together as one. The space is wide-open, luxurious - and very much in demand by home buyers today.

"This master suite design is one you rarely see anywhere else," notes Mac. "When we present it to our customers, they're really taken with the concept. It gives them a kind of retreat right in their own home."

The spacious, airy feel is a signature feature of Hryn-built homes. "People are bored with the 'compartmentalized' look of so many homes on the market today," Mac notes. "We've always tried to stay on the leading edge as far as what home buyers want. And customization is high on their list. If it's possible - structurally, and within the buyer's budget - we'll do it."

Over the past several years, Hryn Development has incorporated buyers' most-wanted features in its floor plans. Designers utilize space much more effectively, creating a wide-open feel even in smaller rooms, and visually expanding square footage by making a variety of window styles and sizes the focal point of the home's design.

Mike says that the split-level floor plan, by far the most popular choice of Hryn's customers, has such flexibility that he has "probably never built the same house twice.

"In mid-range homes - the second- and third-time move-up market - I don't think there's any such thing as 'off the rack' anymore" notes Mike. "Home buyers expect their builder to build a home suited to their family's lifestyle. Hryn Development is flexible and has the expertise to give the customer what they want."

Hryn Development's primary target market is the second- and third-time move up buyer. About 50 percent of customers come from the south suburbs surrounding Matteson, where Hryn is based. The other half come from Chicago, mostly buyers who are ready to leave the hectic city pace behind and are seeking quiet communities and neighborhoods (such as Hryn's Michael John Manor development in Matteson - see sidebar) where they can raise families and enjoy all the advantages of suburban living.

"Many buyers comrng in from the city are looking to move up from a bungalow-style home into a space better suited to grow ing families," Mike points out. "they're usually pretty amazed at how much home we can give them for their money: three and four bedrooms, three-car garages, and a lot of quality standard features. Over 50% of our customers are from referrals.

In addition to promoting the American Dream by providing quality housing for home buyers, Mike Hryn is a strong supporter and member of local, regional and national builders associations. He served as 1984-85 President of what was then the SSRCA (now the Southwest Suburban Home Builders Association - SSHBA). Both he and Mac are current members of SSHBA's board of directors. At the state level, Mike has held the positions of Secretary and Treasurer for the Home Builders Association of Illinois.

He says one of the most significant functions of builders' associations is to address and/or pursue legislation that affects the building industry.

"We keep close tabs on local, state and federal legislation and recognize our role in not only being a spokesperson for the industry, but for home buyers as well. Industry regulations have a direct impact on the customer - and it's our responsibility to protect every one's interests."

Mac says that being part of home builders associations ensures home buyers of members' credibility and commitment to providing quality workmanship. "It gives them a reliable measure of confidence, because they know that members of builders associa tions must adhere to some pretty stringent guidelines. They know they're getting a fair shake if they're dealing with a builder who meets those requirements."

The associations are also a forum for education, adds Mike. Getting actively involved with industry associations lets builders stay abreast of "what's new" - from construction techniques and materials to successful customer service and marketing ideas.

"The things we can learn from our peers benefit the industry and the customer," Mike asserts. "The exchange of ideas and information through association membership) makes us all better - and contributes to the strength of the marketplace."

Hryn Development - and the Hryn family - plan to continue to build on the foundation of excellence in home building laid by Mike's father over four decades ago. The American Dream is alive and well thanks to builders such as Mike and Mac Hryn, who have laid the comerstone of that dream in providing quality homes for hundreds of families in the south suburbs.

Michael John Manor in Matteson: Exclusive development of 165 homes (four different models) priced from the $140s to the $230s. Approximately two-thirds sold out.

Pheasant Lake in Tinley Park: Multiple-builder development of 144 home sites, 20 offered by Hryn Development. Hryn's models are available for sale, as are three other homesites. Prices range from $250s to 350s.

In Matteson: Hryn is in the process of developing a 77 acre site, anticipating a 1998 ground breaking. Several models will be available; home prices will target second- and third-time move up buyers ($140,000's to $240,000).

In Matteson: 8-acre site will be developed as an exclusive, upscale community of exciting new Hryn floor plans (home prices from $225,000). Ground breaking is planned for 1997.

Two employees of Matteson-based Hryn Development were recently honored by the Sales and Marketing Council of the South Suburban Home Builders Association (SSHBA) for sales achievements during the past year.

At recent SSHBA awards banquet at The Palos Country Club, Ellene Aklinski and Sue Blackstock were recognized for sales efforts at Michael John Manor in Matteson, a community of 165 single family homes.

Ellene Aklinski, Sales Representative, was honored with the Platinum Award for exceeding sales of $4 million. Ms Aklinski has b een employed by Hryn for the past five years. A Chicago native, she currently resides in Manteno.

Sue Blackstock, Office Manager, was recognized with The Executive Award for her indirect sales efforts at Michael John Manor. For the past 20 years, Ms. Blackstock has been employed by Hryn Development. A native of Chicago, she currently resides in Tinley Park.

Hryn Development opened its doors in 1969, but its foundation was laid long before when, as a young boy, Michael Hryn accompanied his father to construction sites to learn the many facets of constructing a well-built home from the bottom up.

Today, Michael Hryn's hands-on approach and inherited eye for craftsmanship have guided Hryn Development, now in its third generation, in its growth throughout South Chicagoland.

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