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Laura Lloyd, a finance and business operations executive with more than 20 years of experience, and Guy Matthews Dee, a professional stylist with over 25 years in the industry, combined their talents to open Rootementary in Westlake Village in October 2015. Their vision was to create a business focused on filling a need that was previously not conveniently available to customers: a modern, unique hair-coloring salon, dedicated to providing exclusive color treatment and maintenance for all customers at a modest price point.

“We offer clients a menu of services ... everything from a quick one-hour root touchup, a full color coverage, to a complete set of highlights,” Guy said. “We are branding a new salon concept: No cuts! It’s all about having your color renewed in between your regular stylist appointments.”

As longtime residents of Westlake Village, Guy and Laura were excited by the opportunity to begin a new business venture in a community they love and were confident this would be the perfect location to introduce their color only salon concept. Laura always wondered why, in spite of so many great blow dry salons, there was nothing out there to take care of root touchups. “Something happens as you get older,” she notes. “You notice a few random gray hairs at the root and hair line but there aren’t any affordable services out there that keep your hair color looking fresh, restored and radiant in between seeing your stylist for a haircut.”

As soon as a new customer enters the salon, the whole process is timed and streamlined. Each pre-scheduled customer consults with a colorist. Using an iPad, the colorist will discuss all of the available color options. Once the customized color service(s) has been determined, their specific color order will be processed. The customer then goes through a series of stations, from color application to the luxurious “processing lounge,” where they can relax and enjoy healthy snacks. “Once the customer is finished processing, the applicator staff will provide them with our signature relaxing scalp massage and rinse,” Guy said. “The colorist will ensure that each customer’s color and overall experience are fantastic before they check out.”

Rootementary offers new clients a first-time discount when they schedule a color or highlight service with a blow dry. All clients receive a custom color consultation with every visit.

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