Covina Parks and Recreation

“The right of a child to play, sing, and dance; the right of youth to sport for sport’s sake; the right of men and women to use leisure in the pursuit of happiness in their own way are basic to our American heritage.” - Harry S. Truman


Covina Parks & Recreation Department has added health promotion to our long list of community responsibilities.

It used to be that walking in the park was considered just a leisure pastime. With recent media reports highlighting the danger of an inactive lifestyle, the need for Parks & Recreation Departments becomes more and more vital to a community. A recent study from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that increasing physical activity in the inactive U.S. population could reduce annual medical costs by nearly $80 billion dollars. This figure makes sense when you consider that a basic exercise regimen contributes to overall health by improving or preventing coronary conditions, diabetes, cancer, mental illnesses and maintaining the health of bones, muscles and joints.

The Covina Parks & Recreation Department’s mission is to provide a multitude of recreational opportunities for public use, while enriching their lives and improving their health and sense of well-being.

The Covina Park System consists of nine parks ranging from less than one acre up to 17 acres. The park system includes baseball parks, softball fields, aquatic facility, basketball courts, play equipment, picnic areas and community center. Covina’s beautiful green lawns and nature trails are being viewed now as settings for maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. Through the programs and services that are offered by the Parks & Recreation Department, the public has an opportunity to “get healthy, get happy, and live longer.”

Special types of active or passive recreational opportunities exist at the following locations:


Nature Trails – Kahler Russell Park and Jobe’s Glen at Jalapa Park
Xeriscape Gardens – Covina Park, Kahler Russell Park, and Edna Park
Sister City Xalapa and World War II Memorial Monuments – Jobe’s Glen at Jalapa Park
Wall of Honor and Historical Murals – Covina Park
Compost Demonstration Area – Kahler Russell Park
Jogging/Walking Track at Covina Park
• Aquatic Facility
(Summer only; Swim lessons, lap swim, and aqua aerobics) – Covina Park
Older Adult Exercise Programs – Joslyn Center at Kelby Park
Teen Intramural Sports Program – Covina Park
Adult Softball Program – Savoy Field and Heyler Field
Tennis Courts – Kahler Russell Park and Covina Park
Horseshoe Pit – Covina Park
Playgrounds – Covina Park, Edna Park, Hollenbeck Park, Jobe’s Glen at Jalapa Park, Kahler Russell Park, and Kelby Park
Paddle Ball Court – Kahler Russell Park
Gymnasium – NEW! Coming November 2008

The Covina Parks & Recreation Department provides a wide variety of classes (fitness, special interest, educational) for people of all ages. In addition, the department offers a wonderful youth sports program for children ages 3-11. Trips with exciting destinations for families, older adults and teens are also part of the department’s goal of enriching the lives of those who live in the community.


Civic Center Park — 400 N. Citrus Ave.
(Corner of San Bernardino Road and Citrus Avenue)


Covina Park — 301 North Fourth Ave.
(Between San Bernardino Road and Badillo Street)

Cypress Ball Park — 320 West Covina Blvd.
(Home of Covina National Little League, between Hollenbeck Avenue and Citrus Avenue)

Edna Park — 220 West Edna Place
(Between Hollenbeck Avenue and Citrus Avenue)

Hollenbeck Park — 1250 N. Hollenbeck Ave.
(Between Arrow Highway and Covina Boulevard)

Jobe’s Glen at Jalapa Park (also Xalapa)
Village Oaks Drive & Garvey Avenue North

Kahler Russell Park — 735 North Glendora Ave.
(Between Cypress Street and Wingate Street)

Kelby Park — 815 North Barranca Avenue
(Between San Bernardino Road and Cypress Street)

Three Oaks Park — 829 Oak Park Road
(Old Park Road and Center Court)

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