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Community Introduction

Davis, California is an active and vibrant city known for its progressiveness, conservation programs and quality educational institutions. Home to the University of California, Davis and in convenient proximity to both the Sacramento and Bay Area regions, Davis has a vast amount of amenities and resources, yet has a definite small-town style. It is a close-knit and friendly community, ideal for families, students and businesses alike. Culture, entertainment, recreation, shopping and dining are abundant—offering something for everyone.

An environmentally conscious city, Davis practices a multitude of conservation efforts. Electric vehicles and charging stations are afforded to residents and bicycling is encouraged. In fact, there are over 100 miles of bicycle paths winding through the tree-lined parks, neighborhoods and streets of the community. Community gardens are prevalent and farmers’ markets featuring locally grown and often organic produce are available to residents and visitors. The city’s 30,000-plus trees provide beauty and shade. Solar power is used for a variety of purposes whenever possible. Preservation of the environment for current and future generations is actively pursued.

The University of California, Davis, one of the nation’s top 20 universities in research funding, offers a multitude of resources to residents and visitors. Along with cultural and sporting events, the university assists in the economic and intellectual wealth of the community. Many jobs are centered around the university and advances and discoveries made within the walls of the school are shared with Davis and other areas of Northern California, putting innovative practices to everyday use. The K-12 school district in Davis is one of the best in the state, with high academic standards and dedicated teachers helping students develop skills, knowledge and values to reach their full academic potential.

Davis is a community committed to a healthy, safe and enjoyable lifestyle. With its parks and open spaces, pioneering ideas, entertainment and innumerable cultural and educational opportunities, Davis is a very extraordinary place appealing to a wide variety of interests. Welcome!


Incorporation: — March 17, 1928
Government Type: — Council/Manager
County: — Yolo
Area: — 9.8 square miles
Elevation: — 50 feet above sea level

Population (2008 Estimate): — 71,433
Population (2013 Projection): — 75,887
Households (2008 Estimate): — 26,017
Households (2013 Projection): — 27,615
2008 Est. Median Age: — 27.39
2008 Est. Average Age: — 32.64

2008 Est. Average Family Household Income: — $118,194
2008 Est. Median Family Household Income: — $96,060
Source: 2008 Claritas Estimate

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