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Welcome to El Centro

El Centro is the center of one of Southern California’s most promising new commercial and industrial regions. New businesses and new homes are going up at a rate never before experienced.

Fifty percent of the jobs in El Centro come from the service and retail sector. El Centro offers an abundant supply of every resource necessary for the success of business and industry. There is a labor pool of more than 10,000 trainable workers in Imperial County and it has abundant, low-cost water and electrical power.

The region is home to more than 16 trucking companies and has easy railRd. access. Two airports serve the region with regularly scheduled flights.

El Centro is surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland that has transformed the desert into one of the most productive farming regions in California with an annual crop production of over $1 billion. Agriculture is the largest industry in Imperial County and accounts for 48 percent of all employment.

El Centro’s Centerpoint Industrial Park is a fully equipped, well-engineered industrial center that offers ready-to-build lots to accommodate the region’s burgeoning trade.

The City of El Centro lies 52 feet below sea level and has a friendly, multi-cultural ambiance that is enjoyed by all who visit and live here. Extending nearly 11 square miles, El Centro is the largest city in Imperial County. El Centro is located in the southeastern most part of California, approximately 100 miles east of San Diego, 90 miles south of Palm Springs, eight miles north of Mexicali, Mexico and 50 miles west of Yuma, Arizona. El Centro is accessible via Interstate 8, State Highway 86 and State Highway 111.

El Centro is the county seat and was incorporated on April 16, 1908. A council manager form of government operates the city. The members of the City council also sit on the Community Development Commission and the Redevelopment Agency governing boards. The City Manager is empowered as the Executive Director of the Commission and the Agency.

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