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Message from the President & CEO

There is no secret to success. It comes from hard work, smart decision-making, leadership and dedication to a shared vision.

Embracing change and striving for a better Chamber of Commerce and community is a never-ending process. The Emeryville Chamber of Commerce is proud to play a role as a close partner with our civic, business, education and government leaders to help make Emeryville the shining jewel of the East Bay. Chambers of Commerce have been around for over 400 years, but our thinking and vision is strictly 21st Century.

The Emeryville Chamber of Commerce is the East Bay’s leading business networking, community leadership and advocacy organization. And just as Emeryville continues to reinvent itself as the East Bay’s most dynamic city, building the East Bay’s most dynamic Chamber of Commerce has not been achieved by accident. We’re led by a strong and dedicated Board of Directors with a clear vision of creating a Chamber of Commerce that meets the needs of our members and the community.

Our latest Emeryville Chamber of Commerce Business Directory and Community Information Guide (which you are now reading) reflects much of this vision and leadership. The Directory contains a wealth of information on Emeryville, the Chamber of Commerce, and our many members and civic partners.

As we entered the second decade of the 21st Century, we’ve taken these partnerships and connections to a new level through our landmark Healthy City Initiative Program, which is described in more detail in another section of this Directory; and the Chamber’s second extension of our Healthy City Initiative, our Focus on Economic Health position paper; which is reprinted in this year’s Directory. This landmark document guides our economic development efforts through the next two years. We continue to propose new ideas for our City and business community, including an updated Business and Community Idea Matrix which is now being reviewed and refined by our Board of Directors.

Bob Canter

The Chamber of Commerce has taken on a new, expanded role as we help to reshape Emeryville’s image in the post-Redevelopment era. The Chamber’s landmark economic development strategy document, our Vision 2020 Paper, was submitted to the City Council in February, 2012 and has since been accepted by the business community and City leaders as a guiding document for helping to direct Emeryville’s post-Redevelopment future. Please contact us at the Chamber office if you would like to receive a copy.

Whether a resident, visitor, shopper or business owner, use this publication as your first source for business and community information. As always, you can supplement the information contained in the Directory by referring to our website at, our Healthy City Initiative website,, or by visiting us on our active Facebook page, or on LinkedIn and Twitter.

You’ll find us at the intersection of Economic Vitality and Quality of Life.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce looks forward to serving our members and the community as we work to build The Healthy City for the 21st Century.

Bob Canter, ACE
President & CEO

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