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Real Estate

Real Estate

From apartments and condos to modest single-family homes or custom vineyard estates, Livermore has a vast selection of living spaces suited for their diverse population. Students or suburbanites, singles or seniors, have a multitude of options.

The downtown area has, within walking distance, a number of older homes, some built just after the turn of the century. There are even some on the historic registry. As downtown redevelopment has taken place over the past several years, new townhouse projects have brought livability to the heart of the city.

Pockets of small to midsize single-family homes exist in moderately priced neighborhoods, built in the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. The ‘70s and ‘80s added more single-family homes to the community, a bit larger in size and beyond the boundaries of the downtown core. Livermore now provides a healthy mix of housing from large, estate homes (some with wineries!) to hip town homes right in the middle of the vibrant downtown.

As Livermore grew in popularity as a suburban destination for Bay Area residents, additional neighborhoods were added to all compass points of the city. This once sleepy little ranch town has grown into a thriving city with as diverse a population as the housing offerings.

Along with the expected variety of home types, sizes and styles, Livermore has maintained vestiges of its western heritage, now coupled with its current wine country living. Nestled in the hills and the outer boundaries of town are large ranch properties. In keeping with the open space and agricultural themes, there are many vineyard parcels, where small family owned and operated wineries and olive orchards surround the proprietor's homes. With the eclectic interests and lifestyles of Livermore residents, you'll also see the artistry and unique architecture in the area's many custom homes.

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