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A great place to visit — An even better place to live!

Nearly everyone who visits Yosemite National Park falls in love with the area. Not surprisingly, a growing number of these tourists are choosing to move here to enjoy the natural beauty and rural charm year-round. The rural quality of life and four mild seasons attract many self-employed, semi-retired and retired professionals who seek to escape the congestion of urban settings. Artists and artisans, writers, consultants and other cottage industry “freelancers” are particularly drawn to the region for its affordable, laid back lifestyle and abundance of inspiring scenery. And for those who want to start or relocate a business, Mariposa County welcomes you with very lenient Home Enterprise and Rural Home Industry zoning laws. In fact, Mariposa County is so friendly to small and home-based businesses that there is not even a requirement for a business license. Zoning laws encourage “Rural Home Industry” entrepreneurs. In addition, the County’s long-term General Plan strongly supports the many self-employed individuals and small business operators who constitute a major force in the local economy. Some of these new residents are artists and artisans inspired by the beautiful scenery found throughout the county. Others have careers or businesses, particularly in high-technology fields, whose jobs allow them to live virtually anywhere. So why not live in one of the nicest places on the planet? These folks also find the combination of a high quality of life and a relatively low cost of living particularly inviting. And some decide to take advantage of the market opportunity created by 3-4 million tourists visiting Yosemite annually to open or relocate their local/visitor-serving businesses.

Mariposa County is also home to many faculty and staff members at the new University of California campus in neighboring Merced County. A mere 30-45 minute commute allows families to live “Above the Fog and Below the Snow” in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their children attend Mariposa County schools, which excel as one of California’s finest rural school districts.

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