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Mariposa County is extremely fortunate to have a full-facility hospital considering our small population of only 18,000 residents. From doctor care, to emergency treatment to a critical care unit, John C. Fremont Hospital has our health at heart.

We can also take advantage of Horisons Unlimited Health Care and Urgent Care, whose services include everything from pediatrics, dermatology, counseling, dentistry, mental health, urgent care and more. Horisons Unlimited Health Care also offers non-denomination, faith-based counseling and prayer upon request.

health conscious

Being that we are a health conscious and active community, we believe in caring for our minds and bodies. Complete services can be found in massage, chiropractic care, homeopathic care, health and fitness, and more.

Our doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals are locals. They care as much about our community as they do our health.

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