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We’re proud of our history, especially our beginnings as a player in the great gold rush of 1849 and having been the largest county in California; thus, our name, The Mother of All Counties. In tribute to these origins, we’re home to the California State Mining and Mineral Museum and the Mariposa County Historic Museum, where visitors can see and learn about the county’s rich history.

Our communities surround Yosemite National Park. Many consider Yosemite the crown jewel of all National Parks, and for good reason. Protected since the mid-1800s, Yosemite spans well over 1,000 square miles and is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, huge sequoias and expansive views. The park offers every kind of recreation imaginable, including rafting on the Merced River, along with some of the most sought after camping in the entire country.


So you can see why today, visitors and locals alike enjoy Mariposa County’s rich heritage, living under blue skies, breathing clean air, enjoying mother nature and our healthy environment. Whether we are downtown, on a lake, or in the wilderness there is something in Mariposa County for everyone. Our communities are safe, prosperous and all around fun places to spend a little time or a lifetime. We invite you to visit and get to know, not only Yosemite, but all of Mariposa County. We know you will be glad you did.

Kathy McCorry
Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centers

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