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Epic Alpacas

Find exclusive alpaca products at Epic Alpacas Boutique and Outlet at 5022 B Hwy. 140 in downtown Mariposa.

Offering the finest alpaca apparel, accessories, toys and gifts, the store opened in 2015 and sells items crafted from the fibers of alpaca raised at the nearby Epic Alpacas ranch, as well as fair trade items from Peru.

Epic Alpacas in Catheys Valley raises top-quality animals in various shades of gray, shearing them each year to produce fantastic yarns, garments and textiles from their sumptuous fleece.

The ranch has the largest herd of alpacas in California, 250 head, and is one of the top gray-colored alpaca breeders in the nation.

Containing 22 natural colors, alpaca fleece was once reserved for Incan royalty but is becoming popular with North American consumers not only because of its amazing inherent qualities, but also for its natural processing requirements and environmentally conscious production.

Epic Alpacas started four years ago when local attorney Casey Aitchison and her husband, Steve, started a ranch with the intent of raising livestock as a hobby, trying out various animals until they found the perfect fit with a pair of alpacas.

The Aitchisons found alpacas were sweet, inquisitive, gentle on the land and easier to care for than most livestock. They added more alpacas, and when the heard reached 20 head, they decided they found their passion and took the turn from hobby farm to full-blown livestock ranch.

The ranch hosts events throughout the year, including an alpaca-industry auction and educational event in May, and an open house, Alpaca Farm Days, the last weekend in September. The open house is an opportunity to meet the alpacas up close and learn about what goes into raising them. A fun family event, the open house also features a petting zoo, photo ops and games.

Tours of the ranch also are available by appointment.

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