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City Government Overview

The City of Martinez is a municipal corporation with 130 employees. The City provides quality community services with the aim of providing a community that offers quality places for residents and businesses to live, work and play. These community services include public safety services to protect resident health and safety; recreation and park services for resident enjoyment; and infrastructure investment to support business services and development.

The City of Martinez is governed by a five member elected City Council. The Mayor and four Council members are elected to four year terms on an overlapping basis. The City Council is responsible for representing the Martinez citizens and providing policy direction to the City Manager. The City Manager is responsible for implementing Council policies to provide services to the community.

The City of Martinez adopts a two year budget every other year. The budget allocates the resources – both staff and financial – to provide municipal services. The total budget each year of the current two year cycle is approximately $50 million.

City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for implementing Council policy direction. The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization managing the implementation of adopted Council policies, leading City staff and managing overall operations.

City Clerk

The City Clerk is elected at-large every four years and serves in a part-time capacity as the guardian of public information. The City Clerk also administers oaths of office and verifies all resolutions and ordinances. The Deputy City Clerk is a full-time support position, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Clerk’s office and for the security and accessibility of all official City records. The Deputy City Clerk also serves as the information and records manager of all legislative proceedings and conducts all municipal elections.

City Treasurer

The City Treasurer is elected at-large every four years and serves in a part-time capacity and is responsible for ensuring the integrity and fidelity of the City’s finances. The City Treasurer signs all City-issued checks.

City Attorney

The City Attorney provides the City Council and City Manager with legal advice required to provide public municipal services. The City Attorney is responsible for assisting with the administration and enforcement of municipal laws and regulations. In Martinez, City Attorney services are provided on a contractual basis.

Administrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department is charged with the overall administration of several City programs, including Risk Management; Contract/Franchise Agreements, including Cable Television, Solid Waste, Recycling, and Sustainability Programs; Financial Management; Human Resources; and Information Systems. The Department is under the direction of an Assistant City Manager.

Community Development Department

The Community Development Department is comprised of the Economic Development, Planning, and Community Services and Recreation Divisions, including the Senior Center. The Department is under the direction of the Assistant City Manager with the exception of Economic Development, which is under the purview of the City Manager. The Department’s mission includes ensuring quality City community development; providing excellent customer service; and implementing innovative and engaging recreational experiences for residents and visitors of all ages.

Police Department

The Police Department is dedicated to providing community safety; protecting life and property; and overall community public safety. The Department continually strives to develop partnerships within the community to work toward solving problems and thus, improving City safety and quality of life. The Department has an Operations and Services Division which consists of four bureaus: Patrol, Investigations, Records and Communications. The Chief of Police manages the Department under the direction of the City Manager.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department includes Building; Construction Management; Code Enforcement; Parks, Streets, Facilities, Fleet and Water System Maintenance; Parking

Services; and Engineering. The Public Works Department maintains all City assets (e.g., facilities and streets); ensures all new construction, rehabilitations, and repairs are consistent with appropriate codes and laws; manages the provision of a reliable water supply; and works with other City departments to design, plan, and construct public facilities such as parks, streets, storm drains, traffic signals, and water systems. The Public Works Director manages the Department.

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