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Community Overview

Community Overview

Milpitas, Spanish for “little cornfields,” is recognized as one of the oldest settlements in the Santa Clara Valley. It was once the home of the Costanoan Indians until the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s, which resulted in the establishment of missions in Fremont (Mission San Jose) and Santa Clara.

During the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, the future community of Milpitas was comprised of various ranches with Rancho Milpitas, owned by Jose Maria Alviso, serving as one of the largest. The area served primarily as a farming, dairy and livestock center for its first 100 years, although a number of small businesses sprouted up along Main Street, serving visitors traveling between San Jose and Oakland.

City of Milpitas

Facing pressure to annex itself to San Jose, Milpitas incorporated itself as a city on January 26, 1954 with a modest population of 825 residents. After incorporation, the city experienced unprecedented growth over the next few decades. In 1960, the population grew at a rate of approximately 250 people per month, hitting 8,500 by the end of the year. That number more than doubled just four years later, reaching 18,000.

With the computer boom of the 1980s, Milpitas transitioned into a thriving high-tech hub, welcoming several major companies to its economic mix. It was regarded, and still is now, as the “Gateway to the Silicon Valley.” During this time, both the industrial and residential growth trend continued, with approximately 50,000 people calling Milpitas home by the early 1990s.

Today, the city is home to 66,790 residents, a quality collection of parks, retail centers, schools, well-planned neighborhoods, cultural avenues and an ever-bustling high-tech sector. Milpitas remains strong, progressive and boasts one of the largest ethnic communities in the valley.

All of these excellent qualities come together to create a unique environment in this southern Bay Area community. Come discover for yourself all the wonderful features of Milpitas.

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