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Business and Industry

The economic outlook for Monrovia remains positive due to the remarkable diversity and balance of its business base and the planned fiscal responsibility of the City Council. For more than 40 years, Monrovia has pursued an aggressive program of economic development and business retention that has created a diverse, balanced and successful local economy second to none in the region. The City of Monrovia is dedicated to serving the needs of existing and new businesses. Named LA County’s most business friendly city, Monrovia has no utility tax and parking is always free.

Monrovia’s businesses serve local, regional, national and international customers. By proactively expanding its business base and working hard to both attract and keep leading firms in a variety of industries, Monrovia has successfully maintained a reputation as a regional business center and remains one of the least expensive communities in the Los Angeles area in which to do business.

Whether it’s an independent firm, a home-based business or a national or international corporation, Monrovia offers a broad commerce base with countless amenities to ensure the prosperity of the region.

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