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During the late 1880s, a group of men who were successful in both banking and railroad building converted what had once been part of the vast lands of Mission San Gabriel into a community. With only scattered homes and several dirt roads, they managed to build a small town that was “typical of its time, yet unique in spirit.” It still is.


In 1886, lots were sold for the first time at $100 or $150 each with the condition that each owner was required to build a house within the first six months (which cost at least $2,000). Monroe was not the first settler in the City of Monrovia, he was, however the most important of the founders and the town is named for him. Monroe later built the family’s permanent home “The Oaks” which is still standing at 250 N. Primrose Avenue. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia’s Main Street, is named for his elder daughter Myrtle. Monrovia was incorporated in November of 1887, making it the fourth-oldest incorporated city in Los Angeles County.

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