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The Pittsburg community is committed to instilling a love of lifelong learning in its students, young and old. Education at all levels and for all abilities is readily available in Pittsburg and its closely surrounding communities, starting with early education through various resources, such as the First Baptist Head Start Program, and continuing through primary and secondary schools and higher learning institutions.

While the majority of children in the area attend Pittsburg USD, some of the outlining boundaries fall into the Mt. Diablo or Antioch school districts. Annually, PUSD enrolls approximately 9,300 students, grades K-12. Pittsburg USD is very proud of the completion of the new Pittsburg High School. This $96 million state-of-the-art facility opened September 2010. Student academic achievement continues to improve with strong instructional programs and innovative practices. Students and the community also take advantage of an early childhood program, an afterschool program, high school summer school, independent study, alternative learning and lifelong learning opportunities through the Pittsburg Adult Education Center (PAEC). Please check out the Pittsburg Unified School District website:

Through PAEC, adults enroll in a variety of occupational education programs, Adult Basic Education classes, an ESL program, GED and high school diploma courses and more. PAEC also offers academic counseling, support services and job placement assistance. Adults also have the option of utilizing the services of Opportunity Junction, an Antioch-based educational resource that helps low-income adults obtain the skills and confidence needed to support themselves and their family.

Special needs students are afforded programs through PUSD and organizations such as Spectrum Center Schools and Programs. The Spectrum Center operates the Delta Campus in Pittsburg, offering a state-certified non-public school for students with special needs, behavioral issues and emotional disorders. The organization also partners with local school districts through the Collaborative Classrooms Program, which allows special needs students to remain at their base school and ease back into district programming.

As for higher learning, Pittsburg is home to Contra Costa Community College District’s Los Medanos College (LMC), a public, two-year community college offering associate’s degrees, transfer curriculum, vocational certificates and occupational skills certificates. College-bound students also enroll at a number of surrounding higher learning institutions, including Brandman University’s Walnut Creek Campus, which provides on-campus and online undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, credential and certificate programs.


Pittsburg Unified School District
2000 Railroad Avenue Pittsburg, CA 94565

Foothill Elementary
1200 Jensen Drive
925-473-2450 • Fax 925-473-4305
Approx. Enrollment: 475

Heights Elementary
163 West Boulevard
925-473-2410 • Fax 925-473-4315
Approx. Enrollment: 594

Highlands Elementary
4141 Harbor Street
925-473-2440 • Fax 925-473-4324
Approx. Enrollment: 623

Los Medanos Elementary
610 Crowley Avenue
925-473-2460 • Fax 925-473-4335
Approx. Enrollment: 736

Marina Vista Elementary School
50 E. 8th Street
925-473-2490 • Fax 925-473-9039
Approx. Enrollment: 612

Parkside Elementary
985 West 17th Street
925-473-2420 • Fax 925-473-4343
Approx. Enrollment: 591

Stoneman Elementary
2929 Loveridge Road
925-473-2430 • Fax 925-473-4355
Approx. Enrollment: 642

Willow Cove Elementary
1880 Hanlon Way
925-709-2470 • Fax 925-709-2005
Approx. Enrollment: 622

Hillview Jr. High
333 Yosemite Drive
925-473-2380 • Fax 925-473-4406
Approx. Enrollment: 1,171

Rancho Medanos Junior High School
2301 Range Road
925-473-2480 • Fax 925-473-1060
Approx. Enrollment: 1,110

Pittsburg High School
1750 Harbor Street
925-473-2390 • Fax 925-473-4183
Approx. Enrollment: 2,476

Riverside High School
1151 Stoneman Avenue
925-473-4480 • Fax 925-473-4482
Approx. Enrollment: 175

Adult Education Center
1151 Stoneman Avenue
925-473-4460 • Fax 925-473-4482
Approx. Enrollment: 2,800-3,000

Martin Luther King Children’s Center/Preschool
950 El Pueblo Avenue
925-473-4370 • Fax 925-473-4371

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