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Pittsburg maintains a diverse economic base, comprised of businesses and industries of all types and sizes. The city’s location in Northern California’s East Bay Area gives it access to major roadways, waterways and air services – not to mention the resources of major cities such as San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose and Oakland. Adding to the benefits of doing business in Pittsburg is its highly educated workforce, supportive business environment and a strong city government that remains committed to progress through thoughtful economic development.

The city continues to invest in the revitalization of the Old Town Pittsburg District, having spent more than $100 million in redevelopment projects since 2004. The city is also looking into a transit village plan, which would encourage the use of mass transit and bring further housing, shopping, office space and more to the area surrounding the Pittsburg-Bay Point BART terminal station. At this time, the city continues to work on plans for the future development.

In addition to the increasing development plans, the incentives continue to grow for businesses in Pittsburg. In 2009, the city and the unincorporated area of Bay Point acquired designation as an Enterprise Zone, offering tenants state tax credits and further local incentives for relocating and expanding within the zone (the city is waiting on final approval from the state). Earlier in 2009, the city also became part of the East Bay Regional Center Program, which is designed to recruit eligible foreign investors, while at the same time stimulate economic activity and create employment opportunities. Furthermore, the state of California supplies the Recycling Market Development Zone Program, which encourages manufacturers to relocate, expand and take advantage of loans, free product marketing, technical assistance and other incentives.

Learn more about doing business in Pittsburg by visiting the following websites:

City of Pittsburg

Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce

State of California


In a desire to create and strengthen cooperative relationships in economic development and cultural exchange in a global world, the city of Pittsburg has established and maintained long-standing Sister City relationships around the world.

Pittsburg’s Sister City relationships encourage the development of relationships between businesses, research and educational institutions, government policy and regulatory agencies and other organizations concerned with progress in economic development. Additionally, the Sister City relationships support and promote cultural exchange among its people and communities. Over the years, the city of Pittsburg has participated in numerous student exchanges, city delegation visits and business networking between cities in continued efforts to foster cooperative relationships and facilitate growth.


• Areas within California, designated by the Department of Housing and Community Development

• Used to encourage growth, development and investment in these areas

• Businesses with locations within these Enterprise Zones may qualify for special tax incentives and credits


• Hiring Credit

• Sales and Use Tax Credit

• Business Expense Deductions

• Net Interest Deduction


Businesses within the Enterprise Zone can claim the hiring credit for an employee who:

• Was hired after the Enterprise Zone received its designation

• Spends at least 90% of work time on activities related to business within the Enterprise Zone

• Performs at least 50% of their work within the Enterprise Zone, and

• Is determined a “Qualified Employee”

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