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We’re pleased to present the new 2011-12 Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County Membership Directory.

The Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County is a member-run, nonprofit association of licensed contractors, suppliers and construction-related professionals. If you are looking for construction information, we are your best resource for local construction information in Santa Clara County. We were founded in San Jose in 1893.

When you are looking for a qualified, licensed contractor, here is your resource. Our directory lists over 750 specialized construction professionals. All of these contractors that are listed were members as of May 31, 2011. We hope you will find this directory as a useful resource for your business. You can find the latest information on our website at

A special thank you goes to those members who have placed ads in our Membership Services Directory. Due to their participation we are able to produce this informative publication for the benefit of our community.

The Exchange also serves local communities. Let the Exchange host your building plans or advertise your construction project. We posted almost 2,400 projects for our members in 2010.


The Construction Services Directory is the official membership directory of the Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County. The information in this publication is obtained with the realization that members depend on its accuracy. Every reasonable effort is made to procure the most up-to-date and accurate information. Neither the Builders’ Exchange, nor its publisher can make any guarantee or warranty or assume any liability, legal or moral, or other responsibilities by reason of the compiled information herein.

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