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Solana Beach Chamber Letter

Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce

I’m proud to be addressing you as the President of the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce. I bought my first piece of property here in 1970. It was a quaint, quiet little burg in 1970 and still is, with less than 14,000 residences…and more charming than ever. After becoming a city in 1986, (we just had our 20th anniversary), the people of the town finally had some control over its destiny! Since that time, the community put a plan together that has been diligently put into place.

We have unique shopping areas, especially the Cedros Design District…a stylish train station (you can get on the Coaster Commuter or go anywhere with Amtrak)…a wonderful new Beach Park opened in June of 2007…a revamping of our 101 Corridor, giving it a Village Flair (also happening in 2007)…A great Coastal Rail Trail that allows you to get your exercise comfortably along 101…we even have two golf courses (one public, one private) and tennis clubs…you get to enjoy all of this with the best weather in the world!

Our city has a majority of local businesses... We aren’t a carbon copy of other cities…and refuse to be! Most of our restaurants and shopping are within walking distance. We have small-town living with a contemporary flair!

The Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce, which will have its 60th anniversary of incorporation in 2008, tries to do its part by working with our businesses and city officials to bring all of our city’s dreams to reality. Our Board of Directors and Manager have a lot of talent and good ideas to improve our services to the business community and its citizens.

We are proud of our office staff. They go out of their way to help you, whether you are a new visitor to our town or a business member of the community.

We love managing the Visitor’s Center because it gives us a chance to show off Solana Beach and all it has to offer.

We also have a Farmer’s Market every Sunday. It is the place to be…organic foods and lots of other vendors round out the experience.

The Chamber has monthly “Business After 5” gatherings at which members can network with other members. We have community leaders give us information on future projects in the area or interesting facts on issues that might affect them…in general, keeping our members informed.

For 28 years, the Chamber has put on The Fiesta Del Sol the first weekend of June. It has great bands, a craft fair, food, fun and games…and more. More than 50,000 people come to enjoy the atmosphere and celebrate Solana Beach.

Our calendar is full of events throughout the year…such as golf tournaments, car shows, Music in the Park (our new one), a Kid’s Rail Trail Run (we might even have one for the adults), and Legislative Events.

We’re excited about our new Business Directory. Not only can you find a great variety of businesses to shop with, there are many interesting facts about our city. You can also link to our website, and find out even more about getting around in our city.

Find out for yourself why we love living, shopping and playing in Solana Beach!

Sharon Garrow, President
Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
858-354-5443 - FAX 858-755-4889

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