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North Haven’s four elementary schools serve students in grades kindergarten through fifth. The North Haven Middle School enrolls grades sixth through eighth. Students then attend North Haven High School to finish out their ninth through 12th years of school. Total enrollment is just about 4,000 students. Adult education courses take place at the high school and allow adult students to earn their high school diploma.

North Haven Public Schools

North Haven Board of Education
5 Linsley Street
(203) 239-2581

Elementary Schools

456 Clintonville Road
(203) 239-5865

Green Acres
146 Upper States Street
(203) 239-5387

145 Fitch Street
(203) 239-2564

Ridge Road
1341 Ridge Road
(203) 248-4050

Middle School

North Haven Middle School
55 Bailey Road
(203) 239-1683

High School

North Haven High School
121 Elm Street
(203) 239-1641


The Wallingford school system is comprised of eight elementary schools teaching grades kindergarten through fifth. Students attending grades sixth through eighth attend one of two middle schools. Grades nine through 12 are held at two high schools. The enrollment of all of these schools, including the prekindergarten program, surpasses 7,000 students. The Adult Education program provided by the Wallingford Board of Education encompasses a number of different programs in which adult students can earn diplomas and additional training. Educational and career counseling works with adult students to structure a program to fit the needs of each individual.

Wallingford Public Schools

Wallingford Board of Education
142 Hope Hill Road
(203) 949-6500

Elementary Schools

Moses Y. Beach
340 North Main Street
(203) 949-0343

Cook Hill
57 Hall Road
(203) 284-5400

200 Highland Avenue
(203) 949-0121

Pond Hill
299 Pond Hill Road
(203) 949-0109

Rock Hill
910 Old Rock Hill Road
(203) 949-0115

Evarts C. Stevens
18 Kondracki Lane
(203) 294-5330

Parker Farms
30 Parker Farms Road
(203) 949-0349

415 Church Street-Route 68
(203) 265-1498

Middle Schools

Dag Hammarskjold
106 Pond Hill Road
(203) 294-5340

James Moran
141 Hope Hill Road
(203) 741-2900

High Schools

Lyman Hall
70 Pond Hill Road
(203) 294-5350

Mark T. Sheehan
142 Hope Hill Road
(203) 294-5900


The Wallingford Public Library houses a set of materials between both of their locations. The main location is in the town of Wallingford and one branch is in Yalesville. Visit for more information.

The North Haven Memorial Library is located on Elm Street in a $5 million facility. This new building was dedicated just a few years ago in 2002 and now accommodates the library’s extensive selection of materials. To learn more about the North Haven Memorial Library please visit

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