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The business environment in both Wallingford and North Haven is conducive to growth and welcomes in newcomers. With low taxes, room to grow and other superb attributes the opportunity to set up shop in the area is a hard one to pass up.

In North Haven, the unemployment rate in August 2008 was 6.2 percent while Wallingford totaled 5.9 percent. The county came in a bit higher at 6.8 percent and the state ranked at 6.5 percent. Comparatively, the national rate for the month of August 2008 was 6.1 percent. The towns of Wallingford and North Haven fell closer to the national rate than did the county and state.

The North Haven businesses arena is boosted primarily by a commercial, retailing and manufacturing base. Over 75 manufacturing and commercial firms exist in the area. Major employers in North Haven include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Home Depot and Marlin Firearms.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has made a home here in North Haven and set up their Operations Center and East Headquarters. Major retailer in home improvement, The Home Depot, contributes to the revenue of North Haven and has provided a wealth of jobs to its residents. Marlin Firearms has been a part of the community since its founder John M. Marlin set up his shop in 1870. The five industrial parks located in this town’s borders cover nearly 500 acres, leaving plenty of room for further expansion.

The industrious Wallingford has been growing over time to become a high-tech town. Once, Wallingford’s industries were mostly concentrated in manufacturing, but have since grown into technological industries. The main industries are now companies that deal mainly with healthcare, the medical field, research development, the service sector and high-tech specialty metal manufacturing.

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The transformation can be directly related to several industrial parks that now exist in Wallingford. Wharton Brook Industrial Park, Barnes Industrial Park, Casimir Pulaski Industrial Park and the area surrounding South Turnpike Road have played a vital role in bringing a different type of business to the town. The MedWay Industrial Park is home to one of the Bristol-Myers Squibb facilities. Here, this major pharmaceutical company conducts drug development and invention.

With easily accessible modes of transportation, exceptional educational opportunities and scores of other essential and beneficial amenities, Wallingford and North Haven are poised for a prosperous future.

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