The Parks, IL Chamber of Commerce

Unbeatable Opportunities

The towns that make up the Bethany-Fenwick area offer unbeatable shopping opportunities for visitors and residents alike. Aside from their spectacular boardwalk and seaside locations, shops range in diversity and services, providing a full array of quality goods and gifts.

The Parks, IL Chamber of Commerce

Just 20 minutes from Bethany Beach in nearby Rehoboth Beach are the Tanger Outlets, which feature over 140 stores along a two-mile stretch.

Tanger Outlets is the largest factory outlet in the tax-free state of Delaware, and the sixth largest in the nation. With such a variety, every shopper can find great items at bargain prices.

Also very popular are the smaller, resident-owned shops, markets, and country stores that are located in the area. Non-chain stores constitute the majority of shopping venues in the area, and offer every service and product you could need or desire.

From brand-new, state-of-the-art supermarkets, to organic and farmer markets the Quiet Resorts offer more than a dozen places to buy groceries and foods straight from the farm. Sussex County is laden with farms producing corn, berries, melons and other produce. Here “farm fresh” often means picked that very morning!

Furthermore, each town is home to any number of antique and gift stores, selling collectibles and crafts that represent Delaware’s rich history of artisans. Sussex County is also home to a number of retail chains, which offer large selections all in one convenient location.


The Parks, IL Chamber of Commerce

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