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Conveniently located between Jupiter and Stuart, Hobe Sound is home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the state. Its small-town charm, coastal location, excellent school system, diverse business climate and safe reputation makes Hobe Sound a great place to live. For prospective residents looking to start a business, start a family or just start a vacation, Hobe Sound is ideal. Or, for those who have already done all of that and are ready to retire and relax, a more peaceful place would be hard to find.

Real estate options are plentiful, ranging from cozy apartments, condominiums and cottages to pristine beachfront estates. The combination of historic and new neighborhoods offers residents options from welcoming single-family homes to luxurious private-community properties. There is also a variety of vacation rentals available for those just dropping in.

Ficus tree-lined streets, pristine beaches, a wildlife refuge and a state park, coupled with Martin County’s law that no building may be taller than four stories, make this community a picturesque place to live. Conservation efforts and an appreciation for nature are values displayed by residents and are what helps keep the beautiful, natural amenities clean. The small-town values and attitude of the residents contributes to the friendly reputation.

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