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The City of Leesburg enjoys a vibrant economic environment. We have been able to maintain the charm of a small town in our downtown area and still grow to provide the opportunities our residents want and deserve. Leesburg and Lake County's increasingly diversified economic bases position us well in terms of our long-range strength, relative to our neighbors and histories.The Leesburg area is located at a crossroads of geographic expansion, as the retirement market continues to push from the north, while family households sustain the dominant market segment to the south. The factors that will influence future growth in this area are not dissimilar to the factors that are currently influencing growth in east central Florida.

This area has embraced both market segments, and as a result, has become one of the emerging economic submarkets in all of central Florida. Recognizing these factors, and tempering them with the reality that Leesburg faces a geographic challenge when compared to other adjacent areas in attracting employees, it is projected that the Leesburg submarket will capture the following shares of county growth to 2025:

Population and Housing — 1/3 of county growth
Agriculture — 10%
Mining — 43%
Construction — 31%
Manufacturing — 44%
Transportation and Commuting — 39%
Wholesale Trade — 30%
Retail Trade — 30%
Finance, Insurance, etc. — 39%
Services — 45%
Government Wholesale Trade — 12%
Total — 36% of county growth

The city provides incentives, which are competitive with regional jurisdictions, to encourage economic development. Leesburg demonstrates a business-friendly environment by financing water and wastewater impact fees for businesses that desire to build or expand their facilities. In addition to financing impact fees, the City of Leesburg offers ad valorem tax exemptions for new businesses and existing businesses that expand.

The city supports Lake County in the Job Growth Incentive Program to promote high-paying jobs in target industries. Businesses that expand or relocate in Lake County are eligible for a job growth incentive fund, provided they meet specific program requirements, such as that the jobs created earn 115 percent of the average median wage. In addition, the city offers a $500 incentive for jobs created that earn an average of 110 percent of the average median wage.

Some demographic and economic statistics are presented:

Population (2007) — 21,351 (Change since 2000 +25.7%)
Estimated Population in July 2006 — 19,934 (Change of 24.3%)
Males — 8,838 (45.8%)
Females — 10,474 (54.2%)
Median age (Lake County) — 43.6
Florida Median Age — 38.7
Estimated Median Household Income (2005) — $32,382 (up from $25,988 in 2000)
Leesburg — $32,382
Florida — $42,433

Estimated Median House/ Condo Value (2005) — $104,300 (up from $70,400 in 2000)

Leesburg — $139,356
Florida — $189,500
Lake County unemployment rate — 7.4%
State unemployment rate — 4.0%
Zip Codes — 34748 and 34788
Leesburg’s public schools:
Elementary — 4
Middle School — 2
High School — 1
Adult — 1

A wide variety of housing options are available in the Leesburg area, including single-family homes in subdivisions, condominiums, apartments, manufactured homes, residential retirement communities and assisted-living facilities. There are many golf courses and country clubs nearby from which to choose. The largest retirement community in Florida, The Villages, is located north of Leesburg in Lake, Sumter and Marion counties.

Municipal Services
The city provides a traditional mix of general government services, including police and fire protection, library, construction and maintenance of streets and infrastructure, storm water drainage, recreational activities, cultural events, planning, zoning, housing and administrative services. In addition to general government activities, the city also provides a full range of utility services, including electric, natural gas, solid waste, communication services (which includes Internet and fiber optic cable services), water and wastewater treatment. Details about each system are found in the specific section of the budget.

Leesburg Fire Department
The Leesburg Fire Department is pleased to announce that, effective December 1, 2007, the City of Leesburg’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) will be raised for the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 4/9 to ISO 2/9. This change will have the positive effect of lowering the cost of property insurance for many of our residents and business owners.

Lake-Sumter EMS
Lake-Sumter EMS (LSEMS) was recognized for the second year in a row with the "Exceptional Places to Work" award, sponsored by Edd Holder and Associates. To citizens, this means that LSEMS truly cares about our employees and works hard to retain, as well as provide opportunities for advancement, education and an overall great place to work.

LSEMS has also received the "2008 EMS Provider of the Year" Award. Only one award is given per year to an EMS agency. The award represents to the citizens that we operate a comprehensive, progressive EMS service using the latest technology, up-to-date communications center and very highly skilled and compassionate EMTs and paramedics.

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