Loganville History

The City of Loganville is named for James Harvie Logan, a farmer and shoemaker from Tennessee who purchased the original 62.5 acres in 1842. The property was bought for $150 at a sheriff’s sale. Over the next several years other families settled in the area, bringing the population to around 500.

old mill

Incorporated in 1887, the original limits of Loganville extended a half-mile in every direction. The year 1907 saw 12 mercantile businesses in operation in Loganville. The town also had four physicians and two dentists taking care of Loganville residents. The L & L Railroad was a vital link throughout the territory, making Loganville prosperous, but the depression and boll weevil infestation brought an end to the railroad and the prosperity of the early 1900s.

But better days came with time, and the following years again brought growth, prosperity, new businesses and buildings, and many more citizens. The present population within three miles of the Chamber of Commerce office is about 8,400 and is predicted to continue its upward trend.

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