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The streets and homes of Loganville are as diverse as its people. Many newcomers came from surrounding cities, some journeyed from other states, and still others are international travelers who decided to settle in our town. Most came here looking for the same thing – a quality place to live, work and raise their families. Their various cultures and ethnic beliefs have merged with the deep-rooted Southern traditions and family values which have always been found in Loganville.

As a result of this new infusion of life, a wide variety of home styles and types are now available, filling the needs of Loganville citizens, young and old alike. Old neighborhoods and new form one energized, vibrant community.

We have beautiful new subdivisions and estate homes in many different price ranges. We offer several subdivisions built for senior citizens 55 and older, with prices ranging from the $140,000s to $300,000s.

The city has excellent schools, modern police and fire departments, a large service industry, skilled medical providers and all the conveniences for a comfortable, safe lifestyle. Not surprisingly, Loganville is the fifth fastest growing town in the state at this time, and in a recent CNN poll, was named the 39th best place to live in the United States.

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