Loganville Government

government building

The Loganville city government operates with an elected mayor, city council members, and a city manager. City Council meetings take place every 2nd Thursday of the month. The mayor, city council, city manager and all of the city employees work as a team to provide community services and programs on a daily basis. The community boasts modern police and fire departments, assuring all residents of adequate protection 24-hours a day.It is the mission of the police department to provide, at the lowest cost possible, honest and professional police services to the community, its residents and future generations. Some of the services offered by the Loganville Police Department include the routine patrol of streets, businesses and neighborhoods; traffic enforcement; drug suppression and enforcement; answering calls for service; and Neighborhood Watch programs.

The mission of the fire department is to provide the highest quality of service while protecting lives, property and the environment for the community of Loganville. The Loganville Fire Department operates three shifts, with a deputy chief, lieutenant, engineers and firefighters on duty. The department employs eight personnel trained and certified as EMTs and one person certified as a Paramedic.

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