Loganville Introduction


Loganville is proud to be known as one of the fastest growing cities in the state, a thriving community offering the best of traditional heritage combined with well-planned, modern development. Although expanding in all directions physically and economically, the city has succeeded in maintaining a small-town, family atmosphere still offering true Southern Hospitality.

A culturally diverse community of outstanding individuals and strong family ties, Loganville is a place where neighbors still visit, where educational standards are high and the crime rate is low, where children and senior citizens are loved and respected. Loganville has met the challenges of time, and the result is an ideal meld of historic charm, modern convenience and unmatched lifestyle.

“The City that Wishes You Well” is a slogan which comes from the historic well that is situated at the very center of town, meant to symbolize friendship and social culture. Wells have always been common meeting spots and places of rest for travelers, and this one, officially named The People’s Well, is dedicated to goodwill among citizens. It marks Loganville as a city that extends its welcome to all.

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